Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2

1) What’s Jamie’s birthday present?

2) At the new primary school what is the percentage of children who qualify for free school meals?

3) What does Jamie say about the boy eating the tomato sauce sandwich?

4) How does Jamie’s wife feel about him moving out?

5) Where does Jamie stay?

6) What does Jamie say about his kids and state school?

7) Which hymn do the kids sing?

8) What food did the kids have last night?

9) What’s their favourite food?

10) Which brands do they recognize?

11) What do the kids have for packed lunch?

12) What medical problem are the kids suffering from Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2, thanks to their diet?

13) What is the blindfold test and why does its result lead Jamie to claim that he is naive?

14) What’s the problem with the school in London where Jamie started?

15) Who does Jamie blame for the picnic not going as well as it could have gone?

16) How do the boys react to no chocolate and sweets?

17) What has the newspaper written?

18) What story are the newspapers threatening to publish?

19) What is Jool’s reaction?

20) How are things in London with Nora?

21) What new strategy does Jamie use in order to persuade the kids to try carrots, parsnips and Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2 other vegetables?

22) What kind of new deal does Jamie offer to the pupils in his class? What happens as a result?

23) How is life in Liam’s family now junk food has been banned?

24) What are the parents drinking at the meeting with Jamie?

25) Which famous celebrity has arrived at Jamie’s restaurant in a large group?

26) Why does Jamie get angry and refuse to see this celebrity?

27) How does Jamie’s first for the whole primary school go?

28) Who do the kids give three cheers and a round of applause to?

29) What does Jamie ask the head Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2 of Scholares (food supplier to schools) to ban?



Explain the meaning of the following expressions…

1) Jamie Oliver has got a lot on his plate.

2) Ive got no bones (to pick) with dinner ladies

3) You haven’t given up, have you Nora?

4) Some of the children refuse to give up their packed lunches.

Put the food words into the correct categories:

Vegetables Fruit Other food Adjectives

Rhubarb, celery, leek, kiwi, gravy, yorkshire pudding, noodles, oil, grilled, stewed, fried, mustard, curry, chilli con carne, marinated, nutritious, beetroot, strawberry, gooseberry, asparagus, succulent, avocado, parsnip, baked, roasted, mashed.

What would you like Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2 to eat from this list?


Match the phrasal verbs with their definitions

Give up Stand in a row
Line up Throw away
Get rid of Faint
Come up with 1)stop persevering 2) give s.t on demand
Pass out Think up
Send s.o out Eat s.t vigorously
Tuck into s.t Exclude

Now use them in the following sentences.

1) Jamie was finding it hard to …… ….. ……. healthy recipes on a budget of 37p.

2) Jamie forced the children to ….. …. ….. their junk food.

3) The children usually ….. …… next to the classroom, before they enter.

4) Some of the children didn’t Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2 want to …… …. their packed lunches.

5) The children who wouldn’t try the healthy food were …… ……

6) The first healthy dinner at the primary school was a complete success as the children …… ….. their luches.



1) T shirt with food budget per child - 37p

2) 70%

3) He is the most intelligent boy in the room!

4) Furious and upset.

5) In the local area of the primary school in a house with 7 kids. Turkey twizzlers every day.

6) They aren’t going to go to a state school.

7) We are climbing Jesus’ ladder.

8) Sausage and gammon and yorkshire pudding with chips, pot noodle.

9) Chocolate.

10) Dominoes Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2, Mcdonalds

11) Chocolate and junk

12) Constipation and digestion problems. Kids not passing a stool for 6 weeks!

13) He tries the blindfold test because he is convinced they will prefer nice food if they cant see what it is. It fails.

14) Nora is struggling to cook ‘proper dinners’. But she seems convinced that Jamie is doing the right thing, and that the project is a good one.

15) 4 boys with big mouths! Peer pressure.

16) They misbehave in the supermarket and sulk. They still refuse to eat chicken.

17) Stories about how difficult their marriage has become.

18) A story about Jamie sleeping with a waitress in Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2 Amsterdam.

19) She cries – the article is a disgusting intrusion on her perfect family.

20) There have been complaints, even from a school governor’s child.

21) He uses the threat of exclusion from the activity (cooking their meals). If they won’t try anything new, they won’t participate in the activity. The threat of being left out is contrasted with the joy of joining in.

22) If you want to stay in his class, you must give up your packed lunches. A girl starts crying – she doesn’t want to lose her packed lunch, but she doesn’t want to go Jamie’s School Dinners, episode 2.

23) Calm, peaceful and loving. The diets cause bad behaviour and hyperactivity.

24) Beers!

25) Bill Clinton

26) Because they change their order at the last minute so all the lovely food they have prepared gets thrown in the bin.

27) Fantastic – the kids love it. They all participate and tuck in afterwards!

28) Mavis the dinner lady

29) Turkey Twizzlers


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